Himalayas Aroma of India

709 N. Moore, Moore

This is off Interstate 35 on the west side. Go for the minced lamb skewers that are baked in the tandoori oven. They can kick up the spice level if you just ask. Special spices being used are coriander powder, cumin, garlic and garam masala, which is an aromatic Indian spice blend. The buffet would be a great introduction to trying this unique cuisine, even if you are a vegan or a vegetarian.

$$ Indian

Iguana Mexican Grill
9 N.W. Ninth

The skewered shrimp dish is grilled on a stick, but doesn’t arrive on your plate still stuck to the skewer, making it easy on the diners. You’ll get five citrus-marinated shrimp with vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, carrots and corn with black beans. Iguana always has fun events to attend; the recent Mustache Bash for Sunbeam Family Services was a blast, and every third Wednesday of the month, Iguana presents a neat tequila dinner.

$$$ Mexican

Silks Restaurant

1 Remington Place

Tiramisu on a stick? Well, that’s pushing it a bit, but enthusiastic executive chef Roland Hernandez presents this Italian treasure on a stem — a stemmed glass, that is. The classic dessert is a real beauty. Silks, on the Remington clubhouse level, has individual televisions on many of the tables. It is open Thursday through Sunday and offers high-quality steaks, seafood and everything in-between.

$$$ Fine dining

Dot Wo Chinese Restaurant
64 E. 33rd, Edmond

lip-smacking Chinese food at Dot Wo absolutely sparkles. Set out for
Dot Wo and order orange-flavored chicken or beef. Or if you’ve never
tried duck, now’s the time. It has hot and spicy shrimp in a shell,
Hawaiian shrimp on a stick or beef teriyaki. Just reading the menu makes
your mouth water. Watch for the asterisks, and they can adjust the heat
just for you.

$$ Chinese

Nancy’s Lighthouse

5708 N. May

for the delightful chicken kebab that shows up as a special on Nancy’s
menu. The juicy, tender and satisfying prime steaks are one of the best
grades that customers can buy. The 13-ounce lobster tail has been a top
seller and comes highly recommended.

$$$ Eclectic

Sinbad Mediterranean Cuisine & Buffet
5801 Northwest Expressway

Persian, Mediterranean and Indian food, Sinbad offers several versions
of shish kebab, which can be found not only on the menu, but also on the
wonderful buffet. It has steak, ground beef and chicken kebabs. Make a
meal of the one called the mixed kebab, done with vegetables on the side
with rice.

$$ Persian, Mediterranean and Indian

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar

1 Mickey Mantle Drive

The spiedini is one tasty choice in this classy restaurant in the heart of Bricktown. The spiedini from chef Joel Carlson is en brochette, a
French grilling technique that is created with roasted garlic,
mozzarella and fresh basil with a balsamic glaze and fresh-picked cherry
tomatoes. The 20th anniversary of Nonna’s is coming Sept. 15-17. Watch
for splendid happenings during the celebration.

$$$$ European-American

—Carol Smaglinski, photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman

$$: up to $15

$$$: $15-$30

$$$$: above $30

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