Alt-country group The Silos make OKC stop on tour

Losing your record label funding and a big-name producer sometimes can be the best scenario. 
Just ask Walter Salas-Humara, guitarist and vocalist of The Silos. The stalwart rockers were poised to record 20 days when Dualtone Records pulled the funding, leaving the band with enough money to eke out four days.
"We actually didn't listen to playback. We just played the songs, and if it felt right with the headphones on, we would just roll it back," Salas-Humara said.
The Silos' current tour should warm the hearts of middle-aged alt-rockers who remember when R.E.M. was on I.R.S. Records. Salas-Humara said the set list will include highlights of the back catalog of The Silos' storied alt-country career, which commenced with a "best New American Band" nod from Rolling Stone back in 1988.
"It makes me feel mature," he said, putting that critical acclaim into perspective in 2007. "It makes me feel grateful I'm still alive. It went by really fast. I must say, it doesn't seem like 20 years, that's for sure." "Rob Collins

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