Local indie-poppers Hush Hush, Commotion have not-so-quietly snuck up on an sound that's unapologetically lighthearted and fun. In mid-August, the Oklahoma City band' singer Scott Michael, guitarist Andy Adamson, keyboardist/guitar player Chris Lusk, bassist Daniel Adamson and drummer Adam Wilkey' released "In Control," a five-song EP that serves up a tasty snack tray of rock songs that never completely fill the mouth, but make you hunger for a full course.

Stripped to its rhythm, each track has a classic rock skeleton with snappy drums, catchy lyrics and a framework of open guitar strumming and chugging. But for "In Control," the detail is in the devils. Scott Michael isn't a tortured soul; he's a snide one. On "Make Me Shine," he cedes control to an instinctual force that makes him say and do things he probably shouldn't, confessing: "This demon makes me speak / The words that I can't say / He thinks for me."

Resigned, it's clear that Michael really doesn't mind wrecking hearts and lives' actually, he seems to enjoy it: "I'll get the best of you / I'll play you for a fool / I'll make you see that they love you because of me." Adamson's perky pianos pepper "Dead Wrong," which was laid to tape atop a sawtooth synth bed

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