Japan band Melt-Banana out to make noise

"We are Melt-Banana from Tokyo, Japan!"
Now imagine that phrase being yelled at you by a tiny Japanese woman fronting one of the heaviest, loudest and most pugnacious rock bands you've ever seen. That's the way every Melt-Banana show starts.

"I think it is a normal way to introduce ourselves as a band, isn't it?" asked lead singer Yasuko Onuki.

She might as well be screaming, "We are here to kick your teeth in and make your ears bleed," because Melt-Banana is arguably the premier eardrum-shattering group the Far East has available for export.

"We always try to make a show that people enjoy as much as possible," Onuki said.

Melt-Banana's sound is often categorized as "noise rock," as the band incorporates a lot of unorthodox sounds and effects in its music. The Japanese noisemakers have become known for their extremely high-energy shows and frequent, extensive tours.

"It's a kind of fun thing to do. We can do every day what we like," Onuki said. "We had come to USA many times for the tours now, so we don't feel much difference between Japan and USA. Food is different, though. We usually miss Japanese food during long tour even if we sometimes visit Japanese restaurant in USA. Japanese restaurants in USA are different from home food." "Graham Lee Brewer


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