New Wave duo Party Dream is designed to be dumb

The Ohio-based, spandex-sporting tandem behind Gil Mantera's Party Dream is comprised of brothers Gil Mantera and Ultimate Donny. The band's Eighties electro-pop party sound is deceptively sincere despite its notoriety for absurd, high-energy stage shows.

"We realize that we are complete idiots onstage, and that's fine. But we want the tunes to be cool," Donny said.

The band's 2005 album, "Bloodsongs," showcases surprisingly crisp and engaging tracks of layered electronic bleeps, robotic vocals and dance-heavy beats tailor-made for Goth kids to dance to alone in their bedroom while smoking a cigarette and hating life.

A subsequent live DVD titled "Live Performances (Volume 01)" reveals that the live show is as about as emo as a drag review. The spectacle originates with the group's conception as a joke band for a one-off show with no delusions of musicianship.

"Initially, the concept of the band was looking terrible and that was about it," Donny said. "We had no plans to do anything else with it, but a friend of ours called during the blizzard of 1999. He'd organized a show with a bunch of punk bands, but none of them could make it and he asked if we could fill 30 minutes."

Warm responses followed, and as the crowds grew, the pair began taking the music seriously, all while insuring the live show remained ridiculous. "Charles Martin

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