“There used to be a day when honest reporters would not take quotes for one article and insert them in another article to suit their fancy. There used to be a day when all newspapers factually reported on what was actually happening as news instead of attempting to create news with hearsay, speculation, supposition and innuendo. There used to be a day when all journalists and reporters took the time to actually get off their duffs and go talk to the people on whom they were reporting before putting anything in print, to do actual boots-on-the-ground research. There used to be a day when newspapers would not erroneously attack pastors and churches when members of their church ran for public office. These are the things, in my opinion, that merit scorn and criticism.”

—Pastor Tom Vineyard in a Feb. 28 letter to David Thompson, president of OPUBCO Communications Group, posted at the Windsor Hills Baptist Church website

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