Chicken-Fried News: Play ball, shut mouth

(Madeline Hancock)
Madeline Hancock

Blake Griffin isn’t a mathematician; he’s a basketball player — and a damn good one at that. So the fact that he thinks the Earth is only, like, 6,000 years old — as he told Rolling Stone in April — is somewhat excusable.

But because the former OU standout — a regular in Kia commercials and Funny or Die sketches — possesses such a dry sense of humor, some were speculating (or maybe hoping?) that he might, in fact, have been kidding. But, uh, nope. The dude was for real.

In a recent interview with GQ, Griffin was asked if he, like, believed in science, bro.

“I believe in science,” Griffin said. “I believe in all of that. I just ... Honestly, when I’m at the beach and I’m looking at the ocean, I’m looking at the mountains and the sun is setting, I’m seeing people running up and down, laughing, having fun, I’m like, ‘This had to be created. This is created.’ And that’s my personal thing.”

Hmm. Okay. But what about that whole dinosaurs-walking-the-Earth-with-man thing?

“I guess I never really put so much thought into it, because I never thought that people would be pissed or really make me think twice about it,” he said. “If you ask, like, 90 percent of the people in Oklahoma, they’d agree.”

You hear that, Oklahoma? Blake Griffin thinks 90 percent of you don’t put any thought into your religious beliefs, just like him.

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