is the exact same thought process (or lack thereof) and attitude that
go along with prejudice against people simply based on looks, which
could not be more wrong. All, and I do mean all, firearms are the same.
All of them consist of a barrel and machinery that sends a metal
projectile out at a high rate of speed. All firearms — every single one
of them — work the exact same way.

does not matter what color the weapon is, what coverings you put on the
weapon, or the shape of the handle. Every firearm can be lethal to any
type of animal (human or otherwise).

any attempt or argument to take away “assault” rifles or militarystyle
weapons is just a way to begin to take away all guns from law-abiding
people. This assault-rifle argument is a bogus line, and an attempt to
chisel away at your right to protect yourself. A gun is a gun, no matter
how you dress it up.

laws are wrong in every way imaginable. First, anyone who wants a gun
can get one — law or not. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine have been
illegal my entire lifetime, but from what I see and hear about in the
news, those things are still readily available.

Second, if we have the right to life, why would we not have the right to the tools to defend that life?

(but definitely not last), when all else fails, when all peaceful
political processes have broken down, when a government turns on its own
people, personal firearms are what keep a free people free. (Yes, the
government has tanks and airplanes, but, at the end of the day, they are
guarded by a person armed with a rifle.)

control does not work. The examples are endless. The rhetoric and
effort to enact these laws are smokeand-mirror actions to make people
feel better and to make politicians look as if they care. Gun control
laws and rhetoric are done out of emotion, not legitimate cognitive
reasoning or rational thought.

It is crucial that we move past this moot point and address the real issue of the deranged individuals behind violent crimes.

—Grant “Jake”

Goss Mustang

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