Other than the pointed abuse of privilege in this case, it turns out the guy wasn’t even her attorney, NewsOK reported.

It took three months for the sham to be discovered, but after it was, the inmate agreed to participate in a sting, Sheriff John Whetsel told NewsOK.

Back in January, she’d contacted attorney Frank Kirk and asked that he represent her on drug charges. However, a public defender was appointed instead. Yeah, it’s confusing. He snuck contraband, including a sex toy and cellphone, into the jail as part of his scheme.

After a visit from her real attorney several weeks ago, Kirk’s lies were exposed — but not before she had exposed herself and was coerced into touching Kirk’s private parts, according to news reports. Ew. Kirk was accused with misdemeanor complaints of lewdness and one felony: possessing a cellphone in a penal institution.

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