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Our Nov. 16 commentary by Rev. Robin Meyers, “What have we done?” drew reader responses  from around the globe. Here’s a roundup of some of them:

Seek truth

As much as I liked the article, I do beg to differ with the statement that Mr. Trump has broken all 10 Commandments.

He has broken quite a few, more than is tenable for a president, but he has never killed anyone e.g. as far as I know (character assassinations aside). Just saying. We need to stay on the side of truth.

Evelyn Riera Offenbach, Germany

‘Spark of sanity’

I so appreciate Dr. Robin Meyers’ article. As a former Oklahoman, I’m so happy there’s still a spark of sanity there.

Joyce Wycoff Grass Valley, California

It’s still your fault

Well then, why did evangelical voters elect him? We on the left watched the evangelicals throw your support behind a hate merchant like Donald Trump. How on God’s climate-changing Earth is that even logical? Why should people respect evangelicals? You don’t have the courage of your convictions, or maybe you do not even understand your own religion, with a choice like Trump, for all the reasons you mentioned in the article. It is nuts.

Bonnie Rubinow Chicago

Ministry authority

I thank Rev. Meyers for exploring the question of how professed Christians could have done this. Many of us ask the same question but cannot put the authority of the ministry behind it. And thank you for publishing it. May you, your staff and your facilities stay safe in these disturbing times.

Priscilla Drucker Amherst, Massachusetts

Speak up

Mr. Meyers, your article is excellent and I am grateful for your words, but I so wish you and other evangelicals had spoken truth with force and fury about this sorry man long before the election. ... I fear for our nation and world the outcomes to be lived by my children and grandchildren.

Sherri A. Lewis Northfield, Illinois

Unmasking intolerance

I read Robin Meyers’ Oklahoma Gazette commentary, and I wanted to thank you. I think this election has uncovered an ugly intolerance that has been swept under the rug for far too long in this country. Donald Trump, with his hate speech, rhetoric and lack of ethics, has unleashed the ugliness and given it a voice.

However, it has opened my eyes to communities around the country that I didn’t know enough about. I believe that if we all speak out and stand up for each other, regardless of our religions, skin color and gender, we will come out stronger than we were before this country.

We are certainly going to be put to the test, and it is my hope that we all will come together in a way we never have had to.

Nancy Magarill New York City

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