No justice

Asking the voters in Alabama if their Judge Roy Moore is innocent is like asking the “good ol’ boys” in the movie Deliverance if Burt Reynolds was justified for defending his buddies against extreme sexual abuse and possibly murder.

What do you think them “good ol’ boys” down yonder would say? They have their own justice down South, and I believe that’s been proven over and over through history. It’s kinda like Donald Trump having his own facts and reality. It’s whatever he wants it to be.

The sad part also is the traditional Republicans are falling into this way of thinking — not all, but some. It’s do whatever it takes to pass a so-called tax reform/budget no matter who it hurts.

We’ve known for decades that the Repubs are against government having anything to do with helping people get a start. Whether it’s education, health care or courses to train people ... their answer is no.

Of course, that’s easy to say when you’re a congress person making $174K a year or the CEO of big business. The really sad part, though, is that their base isn’t quite conscious enough to see that it will affect them the most.

If you go back in history, you’ll find that a lot of the farmers were Democrats. Oh, they were conservative ... but still Democratic.

And the reason why was it takes common sense to be a good farmer. And common sense is something today’s Republican just doesn’t have.

Joe W. Wright

Oklahoma City

Just a bill?

I wonder if the citizens of Oklahoma have had a chance to read the next proposed Republican tax bill. I know I haven’t had the chance. As citizens of this country, we have the right to read, comment and inform our elected officials how we want them to vote on any bill. In the case of the Republican tax bill, we, the citizens, haven’t been given the chance.

Also, have you or the citizens of Oklahoma actually looked at the new proposed tax rates? I have, and I’ve seen what they do to my federal tax rate. Under the current tax rates, I am paying 15 percent. Under the Senate plan, I will be paying 22 percent, and under the House plan I will be paying 25 percent. Even with the doubling of the standard deduction, I will still be paying more. Why is because they are eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes and eliminating the medical expenses deduction. With losing these two deductions, I’m getting the privilege of paying more in federal taxes. This is what the Republicans are doing to people like me.

Of course, my saying anything won’t change anything. The deal is already made. And I mean exactly that — the deal is already made. That is the deal made with senators to get this bill passed because they wanted to do it before the end of the calendar year and for that reason only.

David C.




A Dec. 6 Oklahoma Gazette story (News, “Infusing culture,” Laura Eastes) incorrectly spelled Phil Gover’s last name as Grover.

A Dec. 27 Oklahoma Gazette story (Arts & Culture, “Storm-weathered,” Jacob Threadgill) neglected to cite Mark McGee as the founder of Full Circle Bookstore in Norman in the early 1970s or its first OKC location at NW 24th Street and Military Avenue.

A Jan. 24 Oklahoma Gazette story (Eat & Drink, “Historic addition,” Jacob Threadgill) incorrectly identified Michel Buthion as the owner of Bellini’s Underground. The owner of the establishment is Diana Buthion.

A Jan. 24 Oklahoma Gazette story (Eat & Drink, “Hidden treasure,” Jacob Threadgill) incorrectly identified the founder of Woody Candy Company as Claude Washington. The founder was Claude Woody.

A Jan. 24 Oklahoma Gazette story (News, “What’s next?” Laura Eastes) incorrectly stated that PhotoArt Studios opened in the 16th Street Plaza District following the business openings of DNA Galleries and Tree & Leaf. PhotoArt Studios preceded those two businesses, according to documents filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

Oklahoma Gazette regrets and apologizes for these errors.

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