Strain Review: Caribbean Cookies

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Caribbean Cookies by Golden Bloom Cannabis Co.

Strain name: Caribbean Cookies

Grown by: Golden Bloom Cannabis Co.

Acquired from: Waves Cannabis Co.

Date acquired: March 18

Physical traits: frosted purple and green

Bouquet: sweet and herbal

Review: With the Oklahoma medical cannabis industry nearing five years in business, there’s a certain level of nostalgia that sets in when you revisit previous finds. One of the first “celebrity” growers who came to the state with their genetics was the cultivator behind Do-Si-Dos, an extremely popular OGKB cross, so seeing those four initials brings back memories of the infancy of the program where Okies were just beginning to learn about the strains that work for them. Guava Gelato is the other strain that goes into this potent cross and the mixture of those two phenotypes and the resulting heavy hit behind the eyes brings back memories of the early days and is worth revisiting, especially in the hands of masterful growers like Golden Bloom.

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