Strain name: Eskimo Berry 

Grown by: True Heights Cultivation 

Acquired from: Garden of Weeden 

Date acquired: June 19 

Physical traits: light and dark green with trichomes throughout 

Bouquet: earthy and sweet 

Review: It’s common for heavy hitters to come with a pungent, almost overpowering aroma or taste, but this one is a dark horse. The flavor of the smoke itself is deceptively light, whether you take it from a glass piece, bong or roll it, which led me to take several deep puffs in rapid succession before the effects became immediately apparent. The high itself is intensely uplifting. Emphasis on the word “intensely.” Take your time with this one and you’ll be able to complete tasks at hand. Hammer down and you might need to clear your schedule for the next hour or so. This one came recommended from the grower himself, who both cultivates and works at the dispensary located inside Relax Park, for good reason. Don’t let the lighter nose dissuade you, but don’t underestimate it either. 

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