Strain name: Purple Kush

Grown by: Elite Cannabis

Acquired from: Stars and Stripes

Date acquired: July 12

Physical traits: various shades of green with purple

Bouquet: sweet and sour

Review: This one picked itself the moment I put my face near the jar. A very pungent sweet and sour aroma reminiscent of good Pie strains immediately sold me. The taste is much sweeter than the scent, but it does pack a Kush-strength wallop with it. On each outing with this one, the smoke went right to my brain, locking in a powerful high that definitely slowed me in my tracks, but didn’t outright put me on my ass. There does seem to be a plateau early with this one, similar to other purple strains I’ve experienced, so do your thing but don’t expect quantity to outweigh quality when it comes to the high here. So, that being said, those who don’t actively enjoy the act of smoking or like to get where they’re going quickly will get their bang for their buck with this strain.

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