West Coast sport of wakeboarding makes splash in Oklahoma

Wakeboarding " a water sport that combines elements of skiing, surfing and snowboarding " is not something one might expect to see outside of the coasts, where it's a second-nature activity to many outdoor enthusiasts.

But after 25 years in the boat business, the Trotter family decided to construct Central Oklahoma Wakeboard Center at 901 E. Camp Drive in Guthrie, just off of Interstate 35. According to owner Daniel Lee Trotter, the cable wakeboarding park is one of only roughly half a dozen in the entire nation.

The boatless wakeboarding center entails a massive cable towing system that meticulously pulls riders around a man-made lake. Riders remain a football field's distance from each other as the overhead cable lines safely support up to seven riders at one time " making for smooth transitions and more rides to improve your wakeboarding skills.

"We cater well to beginner riders and are working really hard to continue and promote a family atmosphere out here," Daniel Lee Trotter said. 

The center was packed after its grand opening last summer. With a pro shop and a recently completed sand volleyball court, the Trotters are now planning to finish the new picnic viewing area, Frisbee golf course and paintball course later this spring.

"Once you're out there on the water, cutting back and forth across, it's a soulful experience and one that's hard to explain unless you've tried it," said Daniel Trotter, Trotter's 22-year-old son.
For more information, visit their site. or call 282-WAKE.

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