Retreats offer sanctity, spiritual focus around Oklahoma

When the going gets tough, sometimes the tough need to get away from it all, regroup emotionally and spiritually. Personal retreats are good for forcing oneself to slow down the pace of life, reflect and perhaps solve or deal with some issues in life.

Getting away from it all might include a bit of driving. Many retreats are some distance from the OKC metro area. Occasionally, all one needs is peace and quiet in a natural setting.

Osage Forest of Peace, 141 Monastery Road, in Sand Springs offers private and directed retreats in a beautiful woodland setting just outside of Tulsa starting at $65 a day. Retreat attendees are advised and guided daily by a nondenominational spiritual director who focuses on the place of spirituality in their lives. With Hindu-Christian roots, this retreat center welcomes people from all aspects of spirituality.

If a silent retreat is what you prefer, you can meditate in your own private cabin or while on long walks in the woods. Reading, journal writing (bring a journal and plain paper for sketching), meditation and reflection are all part of a relaxing time to help you remember who you truly are and where you are going on your spiritual path.

Attendees can be alone or can join the retreat community for daily contemplative practice. Communal areas include the lending library and the dining hall, where both vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals are served family-style. For more information, visit its website at

Operating as a working farm, Turtle Rock Farm, 5900 County Road 90, in Red Rock offers the perfect pastoral getaway with a focus on environmental sustainability.

“It’s a nice way for people who want to get out of the city get back to nature,” said Director Ann Denney. “Our hermitage straw bale retreats contain a small kitchen, bedroom (sleeps two) and bathroom with composting toilet.”

At $30 a day with linens provided, retreat attendees only need to bring their own food. You can make an elegant gourmet meal or something simple like Native-American-based Three Sisters Stew (beans, squash, pumpkin, peppers, corn, tomatoes, seasonings) that would fill your hermitage cabin with inviting aromas.

Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the lovely surroundings. There are alpacas, chickens, goats, natural prairie and even a labyrinth perfect for meditation.

If you would like spiritual guidance, trained spiritual director Pat Hoerth is on hand.

“We meet people where they are and accompany them on their spiritual journey. We want people to connect with the natural world,” she said.

Learn more about Turtle Rock Farm at

While known mostly as a conference and small event center, Post Oak Lodge & Retreat, 5323 W. 31st St. North, in Tulsa welcomes individual guests seeking quiet and reflection. Rooms are $124 per night with access to a microwave oven and small refrigerator in the common area. Bring meals requiring minimal preparation.

Woodland trails abound with lovely natural scenery in which to pause and reflect. Manager Sarah Landsaw said to be sure to bring fishing equipment, as the lodge features catch-and-release fishing. Watch beautiful sunsets on the water, an ideal place for painting and drawing.

Visit for more information.

Print headline: Spiritual side, These retreats in the greater Oklahoma City metro area offer respite for those seeking quiet time and peaceful reflection.

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