Myke Brown — Don’t Forget the Y

He has contributed smart, quick and nimble rhymes on local hip-hop releases for everyone from Josh Sallee to Purple Mouth Bandits. Last year, Brown’s Survival of the Fittest and Summer Daze mixtapes let Oklahoma’s greatest guest spotter shine on his own, but he’s never shined brighter than he does here.

In a city surprisingly flushed with standout emcees, no one rocks the party quite like Brown does, with this monstrous but smooth brand of club-ready rap tracks that’s more Beast than Incredible Hulk: intelligent and contained, but more than capable of totally wrecking the room.

He does drowsy club bangers dipped in a vat of Super Glue (“Dominoes,” “Pop It for a Goon,” “No Joke”), Bed-Stuy head-bobbers (“Turbulence,” “Hold Me Down”) and brassy Tupac hymns (“Everybody,” “Cathedrals”), all executed to perfection.

“Hey, I” is a syringe of summer soul, with Sallee repaying Brown with a slick guest spot of his own. Similarly, “Atlantis” is as alluring as the mythical city it was named after, built off a shimmery hook (produced by Courtney Blev, aka Blev Beats) that bounces like sunlight off the pavement. It might just be the best Oklahoma rap track of the year, and Don’t Forget the Y is right there at the top of the class as well.

Don’t forget to download Don’t Forget for free at —Joshua Boydston

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