Bartlesville turns up on Hells Angels' radar

Everyone knows about Hells Angels, the notorious biker gang noted for cruising Harley-Davidsons since the Sixties.

California is known for its history with the Angels, with Oklahoma barely a blip on the gang's radar screen. But the town of Bartlesville lit up the sonar of the Angels, and law enforcement, when a member of a rival gang was in jail for the murder of an Angels' leader.

The Bartlesville Enterprise Examiner reported Christopher Ablett surrendered himself Oct. 5 to local police. Ablett, 37, was wanted in connection with the killing of a Hells Angels leader. The Modesto, Calif., native is reported to be a member of the Angels' rival Mongols Motorcycle Club.

According to The Associated Press, the Mongols and Angels have fought for many years. In April 2002, a fight between the two gangs broke out at a casino in Nevada. Three bikers were killed and numerous others injured.

The Examiner reported Ablett has been wanted in connection with the murder of Mark "Papa" Guardado, a Hells Angel leader shot outside a bar in San Francisco on Sept. 2.

How Ablett wound up in Bartlesville, why he turned himself in, or even how he got to the police station remain a mystery. The story said the Mongol member is refusing to talk.

"We know he was dropped off," Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland told the newspaper.

Ablett is being held on a $5 million fugitive warrant.

Here's hoping Oklahoma is not some secret hideout for Mongol members in trouble with the law, and that Ablett was just visiting Bartlesville for the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

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