Bounty hunters videotape former Oklahoma congressman's son

Actually, Chad Istook's house looked pretty normal to us, except for, y'know, the bounty hunters hut-hutting through it in the middle of the night.

That's right. Chad, the son of Ernest Istook (OKC's favorite former Oklahoma congressman-turned-Heritage-Foundation-moral-editorialist) apparently was wanted on a municipal warrant, according to a report on KFOR. These outstanding charges resulted in a midnight visit from Chris Black and Les Riggs, a couple of bounty hunters who go by the name the Bounty Boys.

According to the raw video on KFOR's Web site, the hunters went to Chad's Norman home and poked around, learning from the neighbors that he was hiding in his house.

"What we didn't know that we do now is this is the Congressman Istook's son, this is his son," one bounty hunter told the camera.

And, why the camera, you ask? Bounty hunter Riggs said in a press release it was for safety.

"We tape each and every arrest we execute for our safety and the safety of the defendant. We often publish many of the resulting videos on YouTube in an effort to dispel the myths of bounty hunters as mullet-wearing ex-cons."

After rap-tap-tapping on the doors and windows for a while " reportedly 20 minutes, according to KFOR " the crew hammered in the front door and went in, sweeping the house for the wayward Chad.

Finally, one of the black-clad bounty hunters checked a bathroom closet, and there was Chad, wearing an OU ball cap, T-shirt and shorts. The hunter ordered him face-first onto the floor and cuffed him.

"Why in the hell did you do that, Chad?" the hunter asked.

"I don't understand why you are after me," Chad protested.

"So why wouldn't you open your door?" the hunter asked.

"I'm scared. I had no idea," Chad said.

"Why didn't you ask us "¦ show me your warrant?" the hunter continued. "We would have treated you like a man. But now you look like a punk laying on your floor."

According to a report on, Chad appeared in Norman Municipal Court the following day and resolved all the charges for $886.

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