Chicken-Fried News: Public demon-stration

Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin

On Aug. 15, hundreds of Christians gathered outside Civic Center Music Hall and downtown as a small congregation of devil worshippers performed two rituals in front of a 100-seat theater not even a quarter full.

Many were upset that an event they see as a mockery of their faith was allowed to be held at the municipal building, though event organizers paid to rent the space and for Civic Center advertising.

Amazingly, the metaphysical conflict did not keep the sun from coming up the next day.

To the human eye, everything was as it was before. Many people in the city have already forgotten it ever happened.

The office of Mayor Mick Cornett, responding to a public statement from Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, told the city would review the Civic Center’s advertising and promotion policies for the future.

Chicken Fried-News is afraid Cornett and the city would be opening up a can of worms if they choose to restrict or block paid advertising from private renters.

Where would the city draw the line for promotion? If a local group wanted to put on The Book of Mormon, would they be allowed to promote it?

What about productions and events that nonreligious groups might find offensive? Who determines what is offensive?

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