Chicken-Fried News: Stop that racket!


(Madeline Hancock)
Madeline Hancock

Note to those who cherish peace and quiet: Do not move anywhere close to OKC Downtown Airpark.

Nearby residents are once again complaining about the concert venue’s noise pollution/racket, which was presumably being enjoyed by America’s degenerate youth at the Mystick Sanctuary electronic dance music festival earlier this month.

Said residents — apparently treble enthusiasts — are mostly complaining about the bass ... and how they can feel it in weird places.

“Just the bass,” neighbor Dale Steele told KOCO. “There’s no way they need bass that vibrates my belly down there.”

But dude, Dale. Did you hear that drop? If you had listened to the buildup before that dope-ass bass dropped, you’d be dancing in circles around your living room.

Trust us. Just dim the lights, maybe get a strobe and roll with it, man.

Meanwhile, OKC Downtown Airpark’s Rebeka Morales said the venue is mindful of its neighbors and complying with city ordinances.

“We do respect the neighbors,” she said. “We respect the curfews. We know they’re there, and we get permission for when we do have noise.”

Morales also said the venue has only received a handful of complaints, so either most of the neighbors are super chill or those complaining are super unchill.

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