Chicken-Fried News weeps for the future.

Seriously, however, OU English composition graduate teaching assistant Sarah Barry came up with the 3000-level course, which was offered during the intersession that ended Aug. 20. The class analyzed how the cast members of MTV’s monster hit “reality” series interacted with one another — more than sexually, you mean? — and how that pertains to Italian-American ethnicity.

Yes, while Indiana University Bloomington learned about “‘Star Trek’ and Religion,” and Northwestern University studied “Consumerism and Social Change in ‘Mad Men’ America, 1960-1965,” our Sooners pored over unnaturally orange people.

Other intersession courses at OU included “Disney Dogs and Popular Pets,” “Repotting Harry Potter” and “Superhero Origins.”

Back to the “Jersey Shore” class: We’re so repelled by the TV show’s stars that we don’t even want to know what the homework assignments involved.

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