Oklahoma baseball coach's OSU daughter poses in 'Girls of the Big 12'

CFN's intern, Bucky, is a child of the Internet. Well, that's only 75 percent accurate, but let's just say he's part of the whippersnapper generation that gets most of his news by clicking around the World Wide Web.


When Bucky mentioned a news item emanating from a print publication, our interest was piqued. It involved something about a coach and student at a major state university. More on that later.


Bucky alerted CFN that Playboy is featuring the "Girls of the Big 12" in its October issue, which hit newsstands Sept. 8. The Perkins Journal reported an Oklahoma State University senior posing under the moniker "Kelli Gallo" as being Sunni Golloway of Perkins. The local newspaper reported Golloway, a 2003 Perkins-Tryon High School grad, belonged to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the softball team and served as a cheerleader.


Yes, Bucky actually reads the articles.


When he wasn't checking his spam or trolling Facebook, Bucky stumbled onto message board rumors that Golloway is the daughter of Sunny Golloway, a head baseball coach at OSU's chief competition, the University of Oklahoma.


Rather than tiling up back stories on the sly, CFN contacted OU's public affairs department to confirm that Sunni is indeed the daughter of Sunny. After being directed to the sports information department, spokesman Kenny Mossman said that the OU coach's daughter "has not resided with Sunny for some time" and that she is an adult.


"Yes, the university is aware of this story and has been for several months along with numerous other news agencies," Mossman wrote via e-mail. "None of the other agencies, including The Oklahoman, ran the story."


Having no standards, Bucky plunged ahead, but missed the boat for a chance to meet the Playboy model. The Stillwater NewsPress reported that two OSU women signed autographs in September at the Git 'N Gallup. Alas, "Kelli Gallo" had a scheduling conflict. The NewsPress reportedly expected her to appear the next day at Hastings.

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