Oklahoma delegation would not fare well in Fantasy Congress game


At last, all those geeks who don't know a thing about sports but marveled at couch jocks and their fantasy player games now have their own special league. Invented a year ago by a college student at ClaremontMcKennaCollege in California, Fantasy Congress takes the thrills and beer chugging of watching Sunday football games and injects them with the excitement of democracy in action.


"Quick, microwave some more popcorn; Ted Kennedy is calling for a roll-call vote on the floor!"

How does it work? Well, you draft a team of real-life Congress members and score points for your team's successes, such as one of your senators getting a bill passed through the Senate. As the bill progresses through each dramatic step of legislative maneuvering, your team gains points. Get your bill signed by the president " jackpot, baby.


A team consists of 16 congressional members. Putting Hillary Clinton and John McCain on the same team would be fun.


So how would a team made up of Oklahoma's delegation fare? Well, let's see.


Sen. James Inhofe is practically the Peyton Manning of Fantasy Congress. During the 2006 session, Inhofe mustered 1,844 points. The third highest of anyone in Congress. Fellow Sen. Tom Coburn ranks 56th with 739 points. He spent too much time blocking instead of passing.


Rep. Dan Boren scored highest of Oklahoma's U.S. House members with 385 points. Rep. Tom Cole is next with 201, followed by Rep. Frank Lucas with 60 points and Rep. John Sullivan with 52 points.


Rep. Ernest Istook spent too much time campaigning for governor and gained only 26 points.


With Democrats now in control of Congress, better keep Oklahoma's Republican delegation off your team.

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