The staff members at CFN love it when the subjects of our rants practically write the script for us. What could be better than a bank robbery committed by a man named Robber?


The Tulsa World reported that Robber Earl Smith, 55, was charged recently with the Dec. 27, 2007, robbery of a Bank of America branch in downtown Tulsa. Hard to believe? Here is how World reporter Nicole Marshall accounts for the name:


"Smith, who is listed on some public records with the alias 'Robert Earl Smith,' was convicted of the 'Bandana Bandit' series of robberies in the late 1980s, court records show. In that spree, Smith and another robber covered their faces with bandanas.


"Newspaper stories and police records dating to the mid-'70s identify him as 'Robber,' as do Department of Corrections records, so it was not clear whether the alias 'Robert' in some public records was a misprint."


Tulsa police Sgt. Dave Walker, referring to Smith's police record, said, "Robber is what we have always known him by," according to Marshall's account, which continues:


"In November 1976, a judge couldn't resist commenting on Smith's unusual name after sentencing him to four years in prison for auto burglary, a newspaper story shows.


"'Your mother certainly didn't do you any favors when she named you,' then-(Tulsa County) District Judge Raymond Graham said."


See, no need to for us to embellish this story any further.

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