Woman makes accusations against Oklahoma Bar Association president

A legal point: If a local attorney were so intemperate as to allegedly bite the breast of a woman who did not want that, would such behavior constitute sexual battery?

Yep, at least to the arresting officer " and this one is not for moot court. According to a police report, Dan Murdock, who is the general counsel of the Oklahoma Bar Association, was arrested on allegations of having done the aforementioned and more.

According to an Oklahoma City police report, police were called to Remington Park because of a disturbance at a wedding shower. But once authorities arrived, things got even more serious, the officer reported.

"They also had a possible victim of sexual assault," the officer wrote. "I asked (the victim) what happened tonight. (The victim) began to cry."

At first, the woman explained to the officer that she was afraid of telling what happened.

"He's the president of the Bar Association," the woman told the officer, according to the report.

The officer said the woman was obviously hesitant to tell her, but as he gave her time, she said she had been drinking with a "gentleman" who had taken her into one of the suites and allegedly assaulted her.

After getting her alone in suite No. 3, the man " whom the woman later identified as Murdock, the report states " told her, "Are you a tease like all the other women?" Per the document, the man then allegedly pulled down her black strapless top and "bit (the victim's) nipple on her breast."

"I need to leave," the woman told him, according to the report. But the man reportedly blocked her.

"(She) said she tried to get around him," the officer reported. "He grabbed her by the hair and bit her on the back of her neck. I observed some red marks on the back of her neck approximately 2-3 inches long."

The woman said it didn't stop there. "He grabbed my pussy," she told the officer, crying, according to the report. "But he didn't rape me."

"I asked what she meant by that," the officer wrote.

"He didn't get any further than grabbing my pussy," she said.

The woman told the officer how fearful she was of the man's position and of pressing charges. "If I do, what happens to me?" she asked. "I'm scared of what he does for a living."

But then the woman finally concluded that she would. As the officer escorted the woman to where Murdock was, according to the report, she said, "Yep, that's him."

Murdock, who was instrumental in the recent disbarment of longtime Oklahoma City attorney Mike Gassaway for sexual misconduct, was handcuffed and told his rights.

"Yes, sir, I understand," Murdock is alleged to have told the officer. The officer reported that Murdock then slightly shook his head. "I can't believe this," the report quotes him as saying. The report states Murdock "fully cooperated."

He was booked into jail and reportedly released on bail, but no charges had been filed by press time, according to reports.

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