Brandy’s Imperial Sundae is an oak-aged imperial porter. Brewmaster Gary Shellman said the name was chosen because of an associated word picture.

“Imagine sitting down to a big bowl of ice cream,” Shellman said. “You get a big scoop of vanilla, a big scoop of chocolate and then a brandy topping. That’s the best way to describe this beer.”

A limited-production beer, only 125 cases of 22-ounce bombers were made. Mustang co-owner Tim Schoelen said the company presold the lot prior to the beer’s release date earlier this week.

“Moving forward, we’re going to triple-batch the Saddlebag Series beers,” Schoelen said. “We’ll do four a year, one every quarter, and it’s clear we’ll need to make more of each beer. This
is the first in the series, and it represents a new direction for us.”

Mustang has been known for session beers since Schoelen and his wife, Carmen, founded the company in 2009.

Session beers tend to be low-alcohol, light beers that are often consumed a few at a time. Typically, they’re below 5 percent alcohol by volume.

“Our focus has been well-crafted session beers,” he said, “But there is a market out there for these heavier styles.”

And Brandy’s Imperial Sundae definitely fits that bill.

“This is by far the most complex beer we have ever released,” Shellman said. “It is rich and creamy, with vanilla and chocolate flavors swirling in the body that give way to a slightly smoky finish. At 9.1 percent alcohol by volume, this beer really packs a punch, too.”

Brandy’s is infused with what he called “a huge amount” of certified organic vanilla. Aging in American oak brandy barrels imparts the brandy and smoke flavor components, as well as adds substantial weight to the beer.

The alcohol hides well. “When a beer gets to be 9 percent, you expect to taste the alcohol,” Shellman said, “But this one is [a] floor-tapper. It’s the kind of beer you drink and then tap your foot around on the floor to make sure you’re steady.”

The company is touting Brandy’s as an “all-Oklahoma beer.” The brewing was done at the Choc Brewery in Krebs.

Schoelen said the limited supplies will sell out quickly. No kegs were produced, so the 1,500 bottles are all that will be available.

The brew is available for purchase at McNellie’s, 1100 Classen Drive, and 51st Street Speakeasy, 1114 N.W. 51st.

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