Chicken-Fried News: Shocking honor

Earlier this month, a retired Elk City teacher shocked his peers and the community after he “honored” another longtime agriculture teacher by presenting the African-American instructor with a white robe and hood and a confederate flag.

An anonymous letter detailing retired agriculture teacher Larry Long’s behavior hit news outlets and social media after the Aug. 2 meeting cosponsored by CareerTech, which included several hundred guests, reported.

“He went so far as to present the gift of a KKK sheet and hood to one African-American in the room,” quotes from the anonymous letter. “He gave another teacher a gift of pig manure and made comments on how one person dressed gay… Most people in the room were in shock and offended by his comments and actions. Several got up and left.”

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology spokesperson Paula Bowles confirmed an investigation into the allegations was ongoing, reported.

An Aug. 12 story said Long apologized for his remarks and that Elk City Public Schools is planning a meeting to consider removing Long’s name from an agricultural building they recently named after the former teacher.

“I never intended to convey any racist actions or comments,” read part of a statement from Long. “I realize now that what I said and did was harmful, offensive and hurtful. I have always been committed to teaching students equality, fairness and justice. I am deeply sorry that my actions have brought these values into question.”

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