Filipino wife cracks Oklahoma burglary case via Web cam

CFN's Bucky was the victim of a crime last week when some packages delivered by USPS were swiped from his front porch. Now he's wondering if he can outsource monitoring of said porch to the Philippines. 

That's where Maribel Chouinard lives. According to an ABC News report, she cracked a robbery case in Midwest City recently "¦ via Web cam.

Her Web cam is hooked up with that of her Oklahoma-based husband, Air Force Master Sgt. Jim Chouinard, so that two can chat with one another while she awaits her visa. A noise coming from her computer alarmed her, so she looked at her monitor, only to see live footage of burglars breaking into her hubby's home, more than 8,000 miles away.

The report said that she called her spouse, who then called police, who then had two teenage suspects picked up within 10 minutes " a third suspect was caught after he fled to another neighborhood. The authorities e-mailed Mrs. C some mugshots, and she was able to correctly ID the thieves. We love the Internets!

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes told ABC News, "I don't think a Hollywood writer for one of the popular 'CSI' shows could have script it better than this."

Maybe not, but there's one thing this case lacks: David Caruso saying something snappy like, "These flies have just been caught in the Web," and then putting on his sunglasses like he's the coolest dude on the planet. Cue the Roger Daltrey scream.

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