Oklahoma man's candy bar contains surprise ingredient

There's nothing like a chocolate pick-me-up after a long day of work. That was Reginald Ganther's line of thinking, at least, according to a report from KOCO-TV. Ganther, working late producing some Christian tunes, took a break with a bite from a Hershey's almond candy bar. But this particular candy bar had an extra surprise "¦ one that wormed its way into Ganther's life, you could say.

"When I went to grab another piece, I saw the worm," he reportedly said.

Uncool. Just uncool. 

"I opened up the wrapper, and there was a bunch of bug (matter)," he told KOCO. "Like they had peeled their shell or skin."

So his worm friend molted and left his little wormy self all over the chocolate? Not so appetizing. Unsurprisingly, it didn't leave Ganther salivating for more.

"I threw up a couple of times last night, but it was the grossness of it (in) my mind, seeing the bugs still alive."

Great, now we'll be seeing that, too. Would washing it down with mescal help?

Ganther took the offending candy bar back to the store where he purchased it, and he said the whole box was taken off the shelf. He also contacted Hershey, and they told him the buggy delight does rarely happen, but not often.

And, while Ganther hasn't given up on the chocolate goodness of Hershey, he said it would be a while before he's itching to take another bite. Until then, he has some words of advice for fellow chocolate chewers: "Inspect it first. Pray over it before you bite it."

Maybe a worm exorcism would work, too.

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