Banana Acai Mints by Bono-Ape

Strain Review: Banana Acai Mints

Strain name: Banana Acai Mints

Grown by: Bono-Ape

Acquired from: Green Leaf Supply Co.

Date acquired: May 13

Physical traits: light green with wiry orange stigmas

Bouquet: sweet and earthy

Review: This was one of those rare instances in which I went the opposite direction of the budtender's recommendations, only because I’d already tried several batches of his choices. This one appealed most to the nose anyway, which isn’t terribly surprising after I learned it was grown by Bono-Ape, a new favorite grower. The name sounds more like a smoothie flavor than a strain and the taste isn’t too far off either. While its true genetic lineage is proprietary, you can hazard some good guesses from the name. While this one isn’t a complete mind-melter, it’ll definitely knock you off your tasks, so take your shoes off for the day before sparking it.

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