Sundae Driver by R&D Green RX

Strain Review: Sundae Driver

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Berlin Green
Sundae Driver by R&D Green RX

Strain name: Sundae Driver

Grown by: R&D Green RX

Acquired from: The Greens of Central Oklahoma

Date acquired: May 24

Physical traits: thickly frosted shades of purple and green

Bouquet: sweet and earthy

Review: A little farther west up NW 23rd St., you’ll find The Greens of Central Oklahoma, another veteran dispensary with a great selection. Many of their offerings come from their in-house grow, including the classic Sundae Driver. This flower showcases a beautiful blend of deep purple and forest green hues. Breaking open a nug releases a rich and pungent aroma that combines notes of sweet chocolate with a hint of fruity undertone. The result is a smooth and creamy smoke that is both indulgent and satisfying — it’s like enjoying a decadent dessert in every puff. This one starts out smooth but as the high progresses, the “indica” side of Sundae Driver becomes more pronounced, leading to deep relaxation and a sense of physical tranquility making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or simply finding a moment of peace.

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