I had no idea! Aborted fetuses are being served to Oklahomans and all you are going to do about it, Mr. Shortey, is write a bill? As a concerned citizen, I call on the offices of Gov. Mary Fallin and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb to immediately shut down all restaurants and grocery stores hawking food items containing aborted fetuses.

In addition, I expect the state of Oklahoma to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter, as well as a major public-service campaign to  alert all Oklahoma citizens
as to the specific names of each and every food item and their
manufacturer so we know whether we are eating human fetuses in Oklahoma!

seems to me, now that the Republicans have alerted us to this horror,
calmly continuing to allow our people to eat abortions is a grave act of
treason against our people.

maybe the people of this state should quit voting for and publicly
supporting these people who continue to make an embarrassing mockery of
us and are being fully allowed, by both parties, to promote a ridiculous
caricature of who we are as Oklahomans.

—Jamie Levescy
Oklahoma City

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