Bickett OG by The Territory Cannabis Co.
Bickett OG by The Territory Cannabis Co.

Strain Review: Bickett OG

Strain name: Bickett OG

Grown by: The Territory Cannabis Co.

Acquired from: Goodies Ganja Express

Date acquired: Aug. 4

Physical traits: light green with wiry stigmas and frosted trichomes

Bouquet: earthy, gassy, sweet and salty

Review: Having never heard of the Bickett OG strain, it took one whiff to know definitively that this one definitely had some GMO genetics, but the back end was familiar, yet unplaceable immediately. The cross with Cherry Pie makes this one especially pungent but hard to pin down. The effects are equally mysterious. Relaxed? Invigorated? Giddy? Sleepy? Yes, yes, yes and yes. The Territory Cannabis Co. out of Ada made a name for themselves growing strains like the Terpee Slurpee so it’s apparent that they’re chasing flavors. All of them. As a side note, Goodies Ganja Express is a cannabis consumer’s paradise, with not only an absurd number of flower strains but an insane collection of glassware, paraphernalia and exotic snacks on hand just a hop east on NW 63rd from the original bodega.

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