Reviewer's grade: C


Rachel Taylor ("Transformers," "See No Evil") and Joshua Jackson ("Cursed," TV's "Dawson's Creek") star as an American couple living in Tokyo in this Yankee remake of a Thai ghost story from 2004. They think they've run over a young woman on the highway, but there is no body, and then a ghostly form that looks like the woman begins showing up in their photographs.


The solid premise comes from the original movie, but this version is fairly tame. Director Masayuki Ochiai, who did not make the first one, delivers a few jolts, but for the most part, the movie is as scare-challenged as you'd expect from horror movies with PG-13 ratings. Miles better than "The Eye" or "One Missed Call," but not in the same league with "The Ring" or "The Grudge." PG-13


"?Doug Bentin 

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