Batch should 'think globally, act locally'

Nathaniel Batchelder is certainly persistent to demonize Glenn Beck and company when you ask him to prove his smears (Letters, "Saving humanity," Nov. 17, Gazette). In now his second refusal to substantiate his smear that Beck characterized President Obama as a Kenyan-born Muslim, Batchelder again attacks Fox with falsehood.

Batchelder writes that, "Australian multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch owns Fox, and doubtless has a say in the themes emanating from the network. Do they arouse division? "¦ To advocates for gay rights who called in to his show, Michael Savage spit out the vile retort, 'I hope you die of AIDS.'"

For the record, Savage was on MSNBC " not Fox " when he told a prank caller (not some "advocates for gay rights"), "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig." Perhaps Batchelder could explain how smearing Murdoch and Fox with what MSNBC did promotes peace.

Batchelder writes that, "Fabulous wealth typically supports a narrow political agenda, one that I see served by the personalities who make Fox their home," namely "politics and policies that serve corporate profiteering and America's wealthy minority."

Yet the two wealthiest Americans, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and billionaires Oprah Winfrey and George Soros, all supported Obama. Surveys by Prince & Associates show that individuals worth more than $30 million favored Obama 2-to-1 over McCain, while in 2004, 59 percent of individuals worth more than $10 million favored Kerry over Bush. Michael Barone's column, "The Trustfunder Left," reveals that the idle rich "tend to be very liberal politically."

Batchelder extols "working together, not dividing in fear and anger" and "quieter voices, calling for a respectful listening," while he claims to pray "that Americans of all stripes " regardless of politics "¦ " can pull together in dialogue toward solving critical challenges facing America and the world."

So how does Batchelder's spreading falsehoods about Beck and Fox save people from "dividing in fear and anger?" Where is Batchelder's "respectful listening" when requests for proof of his assertions are answered with more false assertions?

If Batchelder desires genuine dialogue, he should "think globally, act locally" by personally manifesting the moral and intellectual integrity necessary for dialogue. He should research a topic before writing to get his facts straight. When challenged on his facts or logic, he should respond directly to the challenge with argument and evidence, rather than muddying the water by regurgitating gratuitous attacks on Fox. When found to have asserted falsehoods, he should acknowledge the fact and take responsibility for misleading people.

Even George W. Bush admitted he was wrong about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a display of humility and integrity Batchelder has yet to match in his smearing of Beck and company.

"K.A. Straughn

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