From Quentin Dupieux, the man who brought us tales of killer tires and misbehaving police officers, comes his new film, Mandibles. This time Dupieux tackles a tale of two men and their oversized housefly companion, a 74-minute madcap journey that’s equal parts laugh-out-loud funny and headscratchingly surreal. Two pals, Jean-Gab and Manu, come across the fly, who they dub “Dominique,” in the trunk of a car handed off to them by a mysterious, and quite possibly, nefarious stranger. Attempts to train the Musca domestica go hilariously awry. This is Dupieux’s fourth feature in a row in French, after his original trio of English language features (Rubber, Wrong and Wrong Cops). Fans of this film will want to check out his previous feature, Deerskin (currently available on HBO Max), as well as earlier works Wrong (currently available on Hulu) and, of course, Rubber (available for free on Kanopy and Hoopla with a Metropolitan Library System card). Mandibles screens July 23 through July 25 at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

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